💉 Interested in how vaccines are created? Find out in the Health Zone live chat, 7 to 8pm

Evening Chat tonight – 7pm to 8pm 

This special after-school live chat is focused on vaccines 💉 Come ask the scientists any questions you have about vaccinations

Just log in and head to the CHAT page from 7pm!

The scientists signed up for the chat tonight include:

  • John Tregoning who explores how the body fights infections💊
  • Louise Topping who is looking for new drugs to treat arthritis 🦴
  • Niamh Richmond who studies how immune cells protect us against respiratory viruses and how the body “remembers” viruses it has been exposed to before 🦠
  • Madhumeeta Chadha who uses a mass spectrometer to identify which patients will respond to cancer treatment 🔬
  • Asia-Sophia Wolf who studies the immune system and why different people react differently to infections 🤢
  • Louisa James who does experiments with cells to learn about how our body fights infection 🧫
  • Ann Ager is an immunologist and studies how our bodies fight off viruses that make us ill with flu, colds or COVID-19 🤧
  • Stephanie Longet who investigates how the immune system responds to vaccines and natural infection🤒

Invite your friends and family to join in! They can meet the scientists, ask questions, and chat through your account. 💬

⭐️ Plus: Open live Chat – Friday 12pm to 3pm ⭐️

As Friday is the last day of the Health Zone, there will be a special live Chat running from 12pm to 3pm. It’s open to all – drop in anytime! 

The Winner of the Health Zone will be announced at 2.30pm. You don’t want to miss it! 🎉

How to join the Chats:

  • Log in to the Health Zone as usual
  • Click the Chat icon
  • Start asking your questions!

See you soon!

ModElinor and the Health Zone team

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