• Question: How long did it take you to get to where you are now?

    Asked by Meg C to Madhumeeta, Veronica, Aishwarya on 23 Nov 2020. This question was also asked by data419vac.
    • Photo: Madhumeeta Chadha

      Madhumeeta Chadha answered on 23 Nov 2020:

      Quite a few years- 6 to be precise! I did a 3 year Bachelors degree in Biotechnology followed my a two year Masters In Biotechnology. After that spent a good year working in a lab as a Junior fellow on a few projects related to kidney disorders and diabetes, before moving to UK for my PhD degree.

    • Photo: Aishwarya Mishra

      Aishwarya Mishra answered on 26 Nov 2020:

      Thanks Meg for the question. It was a step by step process starting from school. I did an Integrated Masters in Chemistry in India lasting for 5 years during which I did my master’s thesis in Canada during my year abroad. Post this, I am pursuing a PhD in a Doctoral Training Program during which I did a year of MRes followed by two years of PhD and presently in the third year. But it has been an exciting journey of 8 years as well as the destination.