• Question: When do you think a Covid-19 vaccine will be available to the public?

    Asked by Kaiden W to Louise, Ann, Bhagteshwar, Brian on 18 Nov 2020. This question was also asked by Nicky, chasa g bois.
    • Photo: Ann Ager

      Ann Ager answered on 18 Nov 2020:

      Based on the results that I have seen, I think that a Covid-19 vaccine or more than one vaccine will start to become available early in 2021 (maybe as early as January). There will not be enough to vaccinate everyone in the world who wants and needs to be vaccinated even by the Spring of 2021. It should be used to vaccinate people who are most at risk of getting the infection and of suffering badly and possibly dying. This includes nurses and doctors treating patients with covid-19 and elderly people and their carers, particularly those in care homes where the virus passes easily from one person to another.

    • Photo: Brian Ferguson

      Brian Ferguson answered on 19 Nov 2020:

      In 2021 we will have mRNA vaccines available to the public, prioritised for older people and the most clinically vulnerable.

    • Photo: Louise Topping

      Louise Topping answered on 19 Nov 2020:

      I think early 2021 based on the results that are coming out now. It will take a while for everyone to have to vaccine as it will likely be prioritised for the people who are most susceptible to COVID19 (such as the elderly), but everything is looking very promising which is great!!