• Question: Will your research affect people

    Asked by data419vac to Aishwarya on 26 Nov 2020.
    • Photo: Aishwarya Mishra

      Aishwarya Mishra answered on 26 Nov 2020:

      Thanks for your question. I will take this opportunity to briefly explain what I do and let you be the judge. I am working on two projects during my PhD. 1. Trying to image the cancer drug carriers: Nanomedicine inside the body using PET/SPECT imaging(nuclear imaging). The objective of this is to improve the present treatments in the clinic for cancer and make them more targeted and impactful. 2. In my second project, I am trying to utilize ultrasound to deliver the drugs in the brain (an organ which is hardest to deliver drugs to). These two projects might be baby steps towards making people’s lives better.